Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eleven Months of Hell By China Ball

China Ball’s first dramatic novel is a real page turner. This novel’s about a woman who took drastic measures to take control of her life to the point of putting a knife to her husband’s throat during a heated argument.

The story began where Mercedes joins the Navy to see the world and meets a charming but dysfunctional Air Force Sergeant, falls in love and married him. She continues her military service when the most unexpected events happen to her. These events take Mercedes though trial after tribulation and make her more determined than ever to change her life for the better.

Through Mercedes journey she has several true and loyal friends with very colorful personalities and characteristics that make for very interesting reading. This book deals with many of the social issues of today, such as no good cheating men and sexy women that gotta have it to drug & alcohol addiction and the alternate life styles many of her friends have.

The last eleven months of this journey are the most challenging of all but Mercedes is determined not to let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving her ultimate goals in life.

Why don’t you take a ride on this amazing journey and see why Eleven Months of Hell was invited as a nominee for the NAACP image awards as best fiction novel of the year.

Two Tears in a Bucket By Traci Bee

Betrayed by her cold, callous mother and abused by her alcoholic stepfather, eighteen-year-old Simone Woodard is kicked out of the house like a bag of trash and left to survive on her own. While struggling to create a life for herself, her beauty and innocence captivate Kevin Kennard, a handsome, hazel-eyed felon with an addiction to all things illegal. For the first time in Kevin’s life, true love has him rethinking his criminal path. But the action on the streets won’t take a backseat to Simone. Two Tears in a Bucket is a soulful novel that reminds us how powerful and lasting the bonds of love can be, even among the harsh realities of urban life. One does not have to become a product of their environment for roses bloom in the ghetto, too.