Saturday, February 26, 2011

Will Love Ever Know Me By Tamika Newhouse

After finding her husband in a compromising position with her best friend’s sister, Charmaine Wright is forced to move on. To her friends, she is known as very levelheaded, but that all changes when, one by one, Dahlia, Jazzaray, and Nitrah discover that their friend they cared about the most turns out to be their worst enemy.
Dahlia Jones once had a hate for her ex, Troy Washington, who she planned to seek revenge on by having Nitrah Hill date him and break his heart. Two years later, Nitrah and Troy are now a couple with a child and Dahlia feels betrayed. But when Troy breaks things off with Nitrah, old feelings resurface, creating a fresh web of sex, lies, and betrayal.
Jazzaray is recommitted to Maxwell after divorcing but finds herself back in a cycle of lies when he, too, makes the ultimate mistake. With her heart on her sleeve, she fights the decision of “should I stay or go?”
In the final chapters, Jazzaray, Dahlia, Charmaine, and Nitrah discover the ultimate question they struggle with every day: Will Love Ever Know Me?

100 Words of Encouragement By. Tenita Johnson

In the midst of a trying economy and the failing housing and employment industry, one local author seeks to offer hope for the future. Tenita Johnson, author of 100 Words of Encouragement: Tidbits of Inspiration, knows first-hand the effects an economic downturn can have on any family. But after being unemployed for nearly two years, she decided to get up and do something about her current situation.
Johnson began sending words of encouragement as daily emails to five close friends. The positive feedback she received prompted her to compile 100 of the words of encouragement into an inspirational book. Biblically based, 100 Words of Encouragement not only offers hope to make it through the current state of this economy, but to persevere through any trying situation one may encounter in life. For example, author Kimberly Brooks describes the piece as “a must-have resource for encouragement regardless of the season you are experiencing in your life!” The written compilation also emphasizes the belief that if you can condition your mind to think positively, eventually your circumstances will follow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Called Out By Dara Nichole

Akiva Niran is finally entering her senior year of high school. These three years have been tough at Community Tech High School, but she made it. However, her last year in school comes with many more challenges; between her brother coming of age and getting more attention from girls, to her cousin dealing with her relationship with a boyfriend that is way too old for her, Akiva is giving a lot of her prayer time, wisdom and herself to her family.
On top of family drama, Akiva’s dreams of dating the smartest, hottest, and most gracious guy in school (James) are threatened by a beautiful, popular cheerleader, Shawny, who will go to any lengths to make James her man. As Akiva learns of James’ secret crush on her and rumors start to spread about their “soon to be” relationship, Akiva meets another boy, Alex, whose looks could knock her off her feet. Does she choose the guy she believes she is meant to be with and deal with fighting off his “personal fan club”, or does she tempt fate, and take the unfamiliar route that leads to Alex?