Monday, February 8, 2010

Windows to the Soul By Candice Preau

Windows to the Soul is a book of short stories, poetry and prose, written by Candice Preau. It's Candice's first book but not her last. The book includes mind-changing pieces such as "Slave", "The Fourth's Inspiration", "Fire", "It Is What It Is", "Just a Man", "Church People" and "The Nobodies" among other popular pieces. The themes of the book are spirituality, relationships, intimacy, faith, perseverance, intellect, human rights and emotions, and this book taps into so many things that we as human beings feel in love and pain, sadness and joy, gain and loss. Windows the Soul has been said to be like watching a good movie. The reader will be able to tap into every possible emotion and sensation while reading. Many have read it through in one sitting, but have had to read it numerous times again to have the meanings penetrate. Some have even said that they read only two or three poems to really savor the poetry. The poems are truly works of art that are timeless, works that give us a prophetic peek into the future, but that allow us to reminisce on triumphs of the past. Windows is a small investment with a great impact on the soul.

The Pleasures All Mine By Naleighna Kai

Raven Armand’s son and his agent are hell-bent on finding the perfect man for her—even if she kills them. The two unlikely matchmakers’ brilliant plan is to pair her up with Pierce Randall, a music industry mogul, the only man to pique her interest. Raven unravels all of their hard work with a bizarre request to satisfy an age-old curiosity before committing her heart and body to anyone. Perfect man or not, a one-night rendezvous at The Castle, will uncover who, what, or where her fantasies will take her. Unfortunately, it may be the costliest thing she has ever done.
Pierce has his hands full putting out fires as fast as his shady business partner starts them. He hasn’t been looking for love, but it found him as a unique, voluptuous, fiery woman who is unlike any he’s ever experienced. It doesn’t bother him that she was tricked into meeting him, but when she lays down her intimate-relationship terms followed by her mysterious disappearance, Pierce realizes Ms. Right might be all wrong.
Will Raven throw away the love of a lifetime to satisfy her curiosity?
The Pleasure’s All Mine blends humor, romance and sensuous explorations, with lessons of unconditional love and forgiveness in a romantic comedy that will touch the contemporary fiction lover’s heart and pleasingly entertain those who’ve been asking, “What if …”