Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Good to Be True By NDEA B

Jasmine Simmons had some misfortunes in her life but know she has a big break a chance to go to law school. She has taken her final exams and meet with her advisor and everything is set. She has a full scholarship to the University Of Duke School of law. The first one in her immediate family to go to college her mom was very proud of her. This was a great opportunity for her and her family everything will be great as long as her secret stays hidden if anyone found out her secret all chances of her going to law school would be gone.
Emmanuel McBride was getting ready for his career to take off with a job teaching business law classes at Duke University. He was excited finally his college degree would be put to work. He still felt lost he had all this happiness and no one to share it with. Not liking to hang out in the clubs his friend Malcolm got him to agree to go anyway. Walking into the NCO club he new he was going to be bored out of his mind until he turned around and seen the most beautiful being he’s ever laid his eyes on. He almost forgot to breathe.
Jasmine wanted to go and celebrate passing her exams and getting into law school. She was ready to celebrate but wasn’t expecting to be going to the NCO club Ally had hoodwinked her again but Ally was so excited Jasmine went along with it. Snapping out of her Daydream in the club she heard all the ladies whispering and fanning themselves so Jasmine turned around to see what all the commotion was about when her eyes locked with the most sinful sexy dark chocolate brother she’s ever seen. Damn! her clitoris started jumping and doing double flips just by the sight of him and that was strange since Jasmine hated men with a capital H.
Emmanuel had to introduce himself to her but upon doing so she shut him down and I mean shut him down cold. From across the room she didn't look stuck up and Emmanuel would have thought so if he hadn't notice that look in her eyes that hurt the mistrust of the opposite sex he new that look well because he carried it for so long after he ended it with Sharon. So he understood how she felt so he wishes her a goodnight and went about his way.
A month had past and Emmanuel couldn't stop thinking about Jasmine and Jasmine couldn't stop thinking about Emmanuel but a chance meeting had them spending the day together and enjoying each others company realizing they had a lot in common and were very attracted to each other. Jasmine had to admit she had a wonderful time but she couldn't see him again her plate was full she was about to start school in the fall and she had a secret a secret that had to stay hidden or her future could be at risk. No she can't risk it not even for a chance at love.
Emmanuel knew Jasmine was hiding something he didn't care what it was he just wanted her to be his he's never felt like this before he had to get her to let her guard down, had to get her to trust him she made his heart skip a beat ,made his body betray him she had to be his. Emmanuel wanting Jasmine so much he doesn’t even realized there’s someone coming from his past and this person has some unfinished business with him.
Can Emmanuel get Jasmine to let her guard down, to trust in him, to give them a try or will secrets, lies and past lovers interfere before they get started or could this turn out to be a love TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kill the Messenger Gemini By Johanna Nimely

In Kill the Messenger: Gemini, Gemini is a Heavenly Being and her role on Earth is as a link between Ra and the primitive humans of Earth. She is the messenger and a reminder of the eventual return of Ra. Ra is a being that humans once called the Sun God. The Heavenly Beings have one mission left and that is to save a remnant of humanity. Gemini and Lucifer are the offspring of Ra; however, she is half Nubian and he is half Arian. They have two different destinies in store for the humans of Earth. Gemini wants to save humanity while Lucifer only wants to enslave them to build machines, weapons, and space ships to take him and his kind to other worlds where they can create other slave worlds like Earth. Lucifer is an immortal trapped on Earth changing bodies and lives throughout time.
Kill the Messenger: Gemini takes the reader from the building of the Sphinx to modern times. Gemini knows that it matters what humans believe in the end. Ra went back in time to tilt the Earth in the position it is in today so it would be habitable for the humans he would put there, but the Earth’s axis cannot be controlled forever. While Ra is away fighting off the plague of the Arians in outer space, Gemini is sending out a message to humans who are willing to take ‘the mark’ to be saved from the coming cataclysm and the end of humanity. Humans must make a choice based whether or not they believe the mark is the one written about in the Bible. The Heavenly Beings tried and failed to prevent the total annihilation of humans and the Earth. They are not coming to stop the destruction; they are coming to save a few. The Mayans left behind a message with a clue to the end time. That is the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.