Thursday, September 16, 2010

High on Love & Addiction

HIGH - On LOVE & ADDICTION follows the relationship between two women. During the relationship, it is discovered that one of the women is addicted to crack cocaine. After years of dealing with the addiction, April runs away to another state. When tragedy occurs, it brings the two back together. The book chronicles the ups and downs of the relationship and Jeanie's struggle to get clean.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laugh Now

LAUGH NOW is the story of Kareem Bezel, whom by 22-years-old has made it to the top rung of the New York fashion industry; and, he has done everything to get there, including: fraud, theft, receiving stolen property, theft by deception, embezzlement, and identity theft. His crafty spree of thievery props his older brother, Andre Bezel’s illicit drug business into the cross hairs of corrupt DEA Agent Lucas McKenzey. Set in Philadelphia and its suburbs, LAUGH NOW, proposes that, although you’re taken out the ghetto, if you were born to be a hustler, that’s what you’ll do. The story shifts to New York, where the brothers attend Columbia and New York Universities. But before they graduate, Andre is under suspicion for murder, a rogue city councilman is poisoned, and Andre’s first business partner—a white kid, who worked for McKenzey—has been tortured and murdered. LAUGH NOW has all the elements: erotic sex, controversial club scenes, lavish shopping spree, murderous robberies, dangerous high speed chase, and something novel to urban fiction: white collar crime, highlighting a whole new form of trickery. By LAUGH NOW’s end, the brother’s a have a well crafted story to tell prosecutors: “Agent McKenzey made us do it, or he planned to arrest us like he did our dad.”

Living Inside the Testimony

Living Inside The Testimony is a collection of anecdotes compiled by author Betty Collier. In reading these stories, you will share in her journey and experience the inspiration, faith, hope, humor, romance, and love she experienced. The stories in Living Inside The Testimony revolve around Betty's experiences with her family, friends, and other individuals who have contributed, often unknowingly, to the path God has chosen for her. You will hear the story of how Betty fell in love at age fourteen (with her future husband), about her husband's near-death experience with emergency brain surgery at a young age, her experiences in New York a week prior to 9/11, and the frustrating ordeal she and her husband overcame when trying to build their dream home. Betty attributes her success and her great love to God, and she shares with readers how God has orchestrated her life's path every step of the way. Betty's prayer is that you will see and feel Proverbs 3:5-6 come alive and speak to your heart as you take a walk with her, inside her testimony. She hopes you enjoy the journey and discover that we all live inside testimonies meant to be shared with others