Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Bum Magnet By. KL Brady

Real estate agent Charisse Tyson seems to have it all-a great job, a dream car, and a McMansion in high-and-mightyville. Everything in her life is just right...except the Mister. While lamenting the break-up with her most recent "the one" during a holiday meltdown, Charisse realizes she has a type when it comes to men—players, players, and more players. A magazine article motivates her to swear off men and examine the complex roots of her romantic fiascos.
Just five simple steps to turn her life to the stuff of legends, right? Life is never that easy... Charisse commences her do-it-yourself therapy project and barely cracks open her emotional toolbox when she encounters the monkey wrenches: an irresistible new beau, two persistent ex-flames, and an FBI agent with life-altering secrets threatening to turn her world upside-down. A tug of war ensues and Charisse is dead center, trying her best to distinguish the Don Juans from the Romeos. As her love life is propelled into unpredictable twists not even she could imagine, will a twenty-seven-year-old secret keep Charisse from finding the right “one”? Laugh loud and often as Charisse discovers whether her choices in men reflect more than a penchant for good looks, great sex, and bad judgment.

Contact Information: K.L. Brady Telephone Number: 877.557.7371

What is this Love Thing All About? By. Corey Barnes

Be careful what you wish for…. Is what you think you want…… Really what you need? Meet Rick Jenkins, who has everything that most would love to have in life. Great job, great looks, well educated, money, he has it all, except for one thing – a woman to share it with. A single and eligible bachelor, Rick can’t seem to even find a good woman to go on a date with, much less to think about take it to the next level. Rick is content to take life as it is until one night at a sorority fund raising function, he runs into Aphrodite Morrison and his fate changes forever. Aphrodite is a mysterious, yet angelic woman who Rick is lost for from the first minute he talks to her. A partner in one of the top advertising companies in the Greater Atlanta area, she does not have a want for anything. There is another side to Aphrodite that looms under the surface. When she thinks she has met the perfect man, her past threatens everything that she thinks may be meant for her and happening with Rick. Fate collides with destiny and creates doubt; does anyone really know: What is this Love Thing All About

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Embellish By. R.L. Sloan

Ayoung girl, Solis Burkes is raped at the hands of ruthless school bullies?an incident that haunts her into young adulthood. Then she meets Nacio, a strikingly handsome man who seems to know everything about her?including the painful past Solis hasn’t told anyone about. But what Solis doesn’t know is that Nacio has been with her every step of the way, protecting her ever since that fateful episode. It’s a destiny he’s been working up to for the last 257 years.Now, as Solis enters a dark world of vampires, voodoo, and passion, she’ll need all the protection she can get. Unbeknownst to her, those responsible for Solis’s rape have returned. Connected to the evil voodoo Priestess Auldicia, they’ll stop at nothing in their plans to spew violence and mayhem throughout the city. And an old family feud dating back centuries puts Solis first on their list of targets. But not if Solis can unravel the clues fast enough, and inflict her own brand of revenge...Embellish mixes sexy romance with high-stakes paranormal intrigue for a keeps-you-guessing, fast-paced and savvy thriller, right up until the shocking finale.

Family Pictures By. Rachel Berry

Unexpected Discoveries: For a single mother , family and the quality of their life has got to be everything. But life sometimes seems unfair, making hopes and dreams look unreachable. However, through resilience and unexpected discoveries full-figured Regal Sommers learns that life is as big or as small as you allow it to be. Life, relationships, and family secrets teach her patience, forgiveness, and understanding. Through these varied relationships with men, family, friends, and a unique relationship with her aunt Emma Jean, Regal finally see the real picture of who she is and embarks on her life’s journey with new eyes and direction.

Lifelong Fears: Childhood nightmares and memories have kept Emma Jean Lo-Verde secluded as an adult for five years in her own home. Being raised in a dysfunctional family, making the ultimate sacrifice, and dealing with conniving and revengeful relatives has made her turn to alcohol and view life as a picture of deceit and unhappiness for her. But even though past secrets seem to inevitably haunt Emma Jean, affect her and her dear niece Regal’s present life, eventually confessions and unconditional love allows Emma Jean to learn that she too can put a better face on her future.

This is a family sage told by three characters: Friend, Regal Sommers, and Emma Jean Lo-Verde. It is not divided up in chapters, but by the three voices, and in three parts entitled albums.
2. Novel sold in hardcover $38, paperback $25, e-book $6.26, and in 3 parts/albums $14 each. Paperback available on 3 websites: &

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BEGONIA BROWN By Julia Press Simmons

We were named for the flowers in Grandma's Garden. Begonias, Violets and Daisies, and much like those flowers, we were showered with a love that rivaled sun rays. We knew nothing of pain, or sorrow, or just how cruel the world could be until the day God saw fit to call Grandma home. Her heart stopped two weeks after Daisy was born. My mother smoked us homeless two weeks after that. Now with Grandma gone and mommy on a constant crack high it's up to me to keep our little family together, and you best believe I'll stop at nothing to do just that. My name is Begonia Brown. I am a 17-year-old hustler and this is my story.

Game Recognize Game By Terry Deron

Game Recognize Game is an intricate portrayal of the motives and situations that drive four young adults into an intense game of lust and lies. Terry gives a vivid account of what life is like at a Historically Black University, how that relates to corporate America and how easy it is to get caught up in both worlds. Tracy Spencer, a senior in college and an intern at the hottest radio station in town quickly gets in over her head when she gets involved with her smooth talking boss Troy. Her life gets flipped upside down when one of Troy’s other women realizes she has been replaced by the young attractive intern. Troy Vincent is the promotions director at Constant Communications who specializes in mixing business with pleasure. His office escapades catch up with him when Simone, the sexy stallion from the accounting department discovers she isn’t the only woman receiving his services. Simone has let go of her past and seems to be moving toward the lifestyle she sees in her dreams when she falls for the suave new executive in the promotions department. She is virtually planning the wedding in her head when she painfully discovers that she doesn’t fit anywhere into Troy’s long-term plans. Simone’s anger and rage is quickly transformed into a diabolical plot to get revenge on the people that scorned her. Mark Parvais is the star cornerback for the SU Cats and one of the top NFL prospects in the country. He struggles with the responsibility of fatherhood while trying to maximize the benefits of being an athlete at an HBCU. Everything in Mark’s life seems to be falling into place when a bad decision devastates the people closest to him. Will he be able to put the pieces back together in time to fulfill his ultimate dream of playing professional football? As their lives become intertwined and situations escalate out of control they are left with only two options, play or get played. Brace yourself for this one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

“The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph.”

Born with a passion for knowledge, Loretta Harris was predestined to become a prominent author and successful entrepreneur. As an adolescent, she embraced literature and discovered her fervor for reading and writing. Loretta would indulge countless hours in her public library reading and writing miniature plays, poems and short stories. Since that time, Loretta vowed that she would one day write children’s novels.Growing up in the small town of Pahokee, Florida Loretta realized that there were limited opportunities to fulfill her dreams. Loretta graduated from Pahokee High School in 1998 and enrolled at the University of Central Florida located in Orlando, Florida.Loretta graduated from the University of Central Florida in the spring of 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education. In addition, this determined educator received a master’s degree in educational leadership, which she earned from Stetson University in 2007. Loretta is reading endorsed and qualified to teach reading grades K-12. Throughout her teaching career, Loretta endeavored to ignite the same passion for reading in the hearts of her students. Loretta is a recipient of various accolades in the field of education, including Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year. Loretta’s most recent endeavor is the launching of Children’s Heart Publishing Company in 2006 where she serves as CEO and President. Children’s Heart aphorism is, Capturing the heart of the writer. Publications include, “The Rise of Death Valley,” “Who Did It and Why,” “Hard Life,” “The Inside Struggle” and “A Gangsta’s Life,” and “Through the Eyes of a Poet,” which she coauthored with her students. This gifted author recently completed, “The Journey Less Traveled: Choose to Turn Your Tragedy into Triumph.” This memoir highlights Loretta’s personal encounters and triumph over death. This accomplished entrepreneur has been recognized as, Florida’s Finest and The Network Orlando’s Woman of the Month. Loretta has been featured on several talk shows including Against All Odds, WOKB 1600, Voices & Vibes, and Get Yo Entrepreneur On, where she provided key strategies for overcoming adversity and living the triumphant life. In 2009, Loretta joined the Blog Talk Radio Broadcast as Co-host for Keeping it Real radio show. This gifted author is also a contributing writer for B.I.G The Magazine.Loretta is an affiliate of Small Publishers Association of North America, Florida Publishers Association, International Reading Association, and Authors Supporting Authors. Loretta currently resides in Orlando, Florida where she is dedicated to the completion of her doctorate degree in Education at Nova Southeastern University. Visit her at

In Between Lies By. Shawna Hill

Just when things are going perfect for Savannah and Kevin, a blast from the past, hits the scene. Naomi, a revamped diva and budding actress, seizes the opportunity to enter into Kevin?s life and bed, reigniting a secret rendezvous that threatens his relationship.

Kevin delights in having his cake and eating it too until Naomi decides that she wants more. Spurned, Naomi stops at nothing to stake her claim on what is hers, bringing lies, destruction, and deceit. Naomi, bent on revenge targets anyone that lies in her path. Shattered trust and betrayal is inevitable. Can their relationship survive Naomi?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Strenght Within

A mesmerizing,heartfelt,and inspirational true story about two brothers who had no where to hide, no where to run, and no family support.Read how physical and mental abuse combined with crimes,drugs,near death experinces and so much more took these two brothers down a path. A path that led each of them to give up on God,Faith, and Prayer the three things that hold our lives togehter. Read how by the age of twenty one the youngest of the two became mentally disabled while the oldest brother still continued to be a menace to society.

I didnt work this hard just to get married

Despite the continued cultural emphasis on marriage, 70 percent of black women will live their lives as singles—widowed and divorced, but mostly never married. Whether this statistic is viewed as good, bad, or indifferent depends on a woman’s individual perspective. Beamon, a television news writer–producer, presents interviews with 21 successful black women fully enjoying singlehood with a range of opinions on their marriage prospects. Among the women interviewed are actress Kim Coles, author Deborah Gregory (of Cheetah Girls fame) movie producer Effie Brown, and an assortment of other professionals. The women applaud the television shows Living Single and Girlfriends for depictions of beautiful and successful single black women, and discuss the sometimes negative images of black women and the impact of the high unemployment and incarceration rates of black men on marriage prospects. Mostly, they recount their own personal journeys to accepting, enjoying, and capitalizing on their time as single women. Though written from black women’s perspectives, this book has appeal for all women looking for a fresh take on being single. --Vanessa Bush Review
"Although I am an award-winning filmmaker, TV personality, and author, many of my family members feel as though I lead a shallow and empty life because I choose to be unmarried without children. In this well-researched and thoughtful tome, Nika Beamon has given a voice to true choice among women in this postmillennial era." —Abiola Abrams, BET host and author, Dare
"Truly an insightful gift for single women." —Pat Stevenson, CEO and Publisher, Harlem News Group, Inc.
"An important addition to works on the lives and options of African American women, and an absorbing read." —Julianne Malveaux, president, Bennett College for Women
"This book is for women of all ages . . . you will definitely enjoy this book from cover-to-cover." —, website dedicated to African American lit

Friday, July 3, 2009

Where There's Smoke By Terra Little

Where There’s Smoke, Terra Little’s sophomore project, touches on several prevalent social issues in the African- American community today, while simultaneously paying homage to African-American fathers everywhere.Messages of hope in the struggle to overcome drug addiction, criminal thinking and barriers to positive family relationships, are woven into the story, and will no doubt ring true for people of all creeds and colors.

In the fight against teenage crime, statistics show that involved, proactive parents are one of the most powerful tools for keeping kids on the right path. Similarly, boys who have the benefit of positive male role models often experience smoother transition from childhood to manhood. In Where There’s Smoke, young, troubled Isaiah is a testament to the strength of male bonding, just as Anne is a shining example of motherly devotion. And Smoke…Well, as the saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Sweet Dreams By Nikkea Smithers

Dream is a highschool student from Bridgeport, Connecticut who is traumatized when she is informed of the tragic suicide of her best friend. Feeling like she is alone in the world with an abusive mother and absent father, Dream almost comes to the resolution that her life is also not worth living... Antonio is also in highschool but from Richmond, Virginia working two jobs to help his mother support his many brothers and sisters. Growing up in the projects, he is faced with a number of obstacles that will test his manhood. When Dream and Antonio s worlds collide both of their lives change forever...but is it for the better or for the worse?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like A Good Neighbor by Dwayne Murray Sr

The author of The Mouse that Roared and Whatever It Takes returns with yet another edge-of-your-seat thriller. Chaos ignites and hell's fury is unleashed in this battle of good versus evil . . . Besides sharing the problems of living in a deteriorating building, the thirteen tenants at 666 Cypress Avenue all have a very deep and bitter hatred towards one another. As temperatures rise in their South Bronx neighborhood, so does their frustration with the building's broken doors, malfunctioning elevator, rat infestation, and skyrocketing rent increases. To make matters worse, the blazing heat is also sending everyone's animosity to its boiling point. Then a new tenant arrives, taking up shelter in the last vacant apartment. Highly intelligent and extraordinarily beautiful, Raven Thorn blows in like a much-needed summer breeze. Unleashing her charisma, she slowly gains the trust and admiration of all the tenants except one. Crystal Bright, a crack-addicted young woman, looks like the poster child for everything that's wrong with society; but beneath her addiction lies a heart of gold and a very intelligent mind. Sensing a darker and much more sinister side to Raven, Crystal realizes that she must act fast before a fuse is lit that could ignite a bloodbath between the fragile building's hostile tenants. Dwayne Murray Sr. resides in New York City, where he was born and raised. An electrician by trade, the author walks a fine line on the job and gets a thrill bringing that same sense of heart-pounding danger to his action-packed novels.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Body of Night By. Zuri Day

D'Andra Smalls has had enough. She's tired of being overwieght, she's had it with her overbearing family, and she's fed up with settling for any guy who'll have her--especially since she caught her boyfriend cheating with her best friend.But working out and avoiding delicious food is easy compared to resisting the charms of Los Angeles' hottest personal trainer, JaJuan "Night" Simmons. Six feet of chiseled muscle and fine chocolate, he's challenging her body in all the right ways--and proving there's a sensitive, caring guy under the good looks. Their shared career goals of promoting health and fitness bring them even closer together. But D'Andra feels it may be too much of a good thing. After succeeding in taking command of her life, can she risk losing control of her heart?

A Preacher's Passion By. Lutishia Lovely

Synopsis: Passion Perkins is hot to trot. After being celibate for five long years, she’s ready, willing, and able to end her drought. But she’s also determined to hold out for Mr. Right...a man her friends say doesn’t exist—until Lavon Chapman walks into her life: a powerful man who has come to the community to film an inspirational DVD about Passion’s minister, Reverend Stanley Lee, and his fiery wife, Carla Lee. But Lavon is only in town for eight weeks...
Passion is now on a mission to make Lavon her husband and to end her celibacy...and not necessarily in that order. But she’s not the only one. It seems Reverend Lee, though a master in the pulpit is a dud between the sheets, so Carla Lee has Lavon in her sights—and is determined to end up on top. Before long, other members of the church community are entangled in scandals of their own, and while some are getting busy in service to the Lord, others are just simply getting busy...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Female Baller's Handbook by Ronnell "Chewy" Combs

The Female Baller's Handbook is a guide that teaches women in the hood how to get on from absolute nothing. Learn how to creep into the money loop. Learn how to invest money in simple terms without a bunch of confusing language. Learn how to squeeze your man. Learn how to seduce a rich man. Learn how to look rich when you ain't got shit. Learn how to start your own successful business. Learn how to crush jealous bitches and much, much, more!

Visit Ronnell "Chewy" Combs at

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happily Ever After By. Nicole Rouse

Nicole S. Rouse was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She developed a passion for writing in grade school. After graduating from Temple University, Nicole became an elementary school teacher, and she took every opportunity to incorporate her appreciation of various forms of writing into the curriculum. As a teacher, she became a member of the Northern Virginia Writing Project, where she promoted and encouraged writing in mathematics. Nicole was a founding member of a literacy team that created plays for students to perform and developed workshops for parents to help their children excel. Nicole has contributed articles to South County Chronicle, a local newsletter for Northern Virginia residents, and Remah, a newsletter for the members of New Faith Baptist Church in Matteson, Illinois. After five years in the classroom, Nicole was given the opportunity to pursue a career in publishing and is currently an editor at a major educational publishing company. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and resides near Chicago, IL.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Ultimate NO NO By Tamika Newhouse

Are you a woman who has been hurt by a man and wonder what it would be like if you could give him a dose of his own medicine. Well, the characters in The Ultimate No, No give you the opportunity to live vicariously through their lives and the events that transpired during The Scam
Nitrah a teacher is drawn between her friends and a man named Troyon, when her friends ask her to do the unthinkable. That's get revenge on a man through his heart. Things go as planned until Troyon and Nitrah find themselves infatuated with each other. What happens to this relationship that was doomed from the beginning when the lies, sex, and deceit come to the surface
On the other hand there's Dahlia, Nitrahs best friends and the master mind behind the plan to break Troyon's heart. Her secrets will come back to haunt her as her world comes crashing down. She thinks this is the perfect plan to hurt the man who broke her heart, but then again she could be right. Find out what happens when the person Dahlia keeps close eyes on turns out to be her worst enemy and it want be who you think it is.
In this romantic tale you will witness a sisterly bond, a passion to be loved, and the yearn to be with the one you love. Learn what The Ultimate No No is when it comes to love.
This debut novel by Tamika Newhouse is an expression of love and deceit. In hopes she creates a life that you will see is a perfect example of what not to do.
ISBN-13 978-0-9821455-0-0

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Players Inheritance By Anthony Maurice Brown

Andrew Hamilton grew up in a family where his father was a known womanizer. He watched his father disrespect his mother on a consistent basis in the presence of friends and family. Jesse Hamilton, Andrew’s father, was not much of a role model to Andrew or his siblings. He never spent a lot of time with them or provided for them. But he had plenty of time to spend with other women and hang out with his drinking buddies. His family was second class citizens and was not top priority to him.

Doreen Hamilton, Andrew’s mother, was a church-going Christian who tried to keep her family together. The harder she tried the more Jesse put her down. She could not do anything right. Doreen’s family and friends tried to get her to leave him, but she was determined to stick with her marriage for better or for worse.

Andrew took up football to pass the time away while in school and became one of the best running backs to come out of high school. He was an all-state football star. He was exceptionally good, and major universities were interested in signing him to a full athletic football scholarship.

His father was always busy doing other things, so he never came to any of his games. Jesse thought it was a waste of time and boring. Andrew vowed that he would never be like his father. He did not want to be the type of man who was a womanizing dog that did not care about anybody but himself. He promised that he would never disrespect or mistreat women. But he became a product of the environment that his father introduced him to. Andrew inherited his father’s womanizing player ways and became what he hated most about him, a player.

Andrew was not your typical player. He was not the type of guy that didn’t have feelings for women; he was just confused at times. He wanted a meaningful relationship but he had a hard time with commitment. He always had one side of him wanting to be a player and the other side of him being a decent guy that women loved.

Andrew not only inherits his father ways. He also inherits certain things from his mother such as the love for God. As a child his mother made it her duty to keep her kids in church and instilled in them good values. Andrew had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be, a player or not, so he rode the fence at times.

About the Author

Anthony Maurice Brown is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but now resides in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He developed the love of writing at a young age. His younger twin sisters enjoyed the short stories he wrote as a child and pleaded with him to pursue writing as a career. After much procrastination and several years later he took their advice and wrote his first novel, “A Player’s Inheritance”.

He is in the process of writing his second novel. Other than writing he enjoys watching old movies, cooking, reading, listening to music and spending time with his family and friends. His goal is to continue to write stories that people can relate to and enjoy reading.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Good to Be True By NDEA B

Jasmine Simmons had some misfortunes in her life but know she has a big break a chance to go to law school. She has taken her final exams and meet with her advisor and everything is set. She has a full scholarship to the University Of Duke School of law. The first one in her immediate family to go to college her mom was very proud of her. This was a great opportunity for her and her family everything will be great as long as her secret stays hidden if anyone found out her secret all chances of her going to law school would be gone.
Emmanuel McBride was getting ready for his career to take off with a job teaching business law classes at Duke University. He was excited finally his college degree would be put to work. He still felt lost he had all this happiness and no one to share it with. Not liking to hang out in the clubs his friend Malcolm got him to agree to go anyway. Walking into the NCO club he new he was going to be bored out of his mind until he turned around and seen the most beautiful being he’s ever laid his eyes on. He almost forgot to breathe.
Jasmine wanted to go and celebrate passing her exams and getting into law school. She was ready to celebrate but wasn’t expecting to be going to the NCO club Ally had hoodwinked her again but Ally was so excited Jasmine went along with it. Snapping out of her Daydream in the club she heard all the ladies whispering and fanning themselves so Jasmine turned around to see what all the commotion was about when her eyes locked with the most sinful sexy dark chocolate brother she’s ever seen. Damn! her clitoris started jumping and doing double flips just by the sight of him and that was strange since Jasmine hated men with a capital H.
Emmanuel had to introduce himself to her but upon doing so she shut him down and I mean shut him down cold. From across the room she didn't look stuck up and Emmanuel would have thought so if he hadn't notice that look in her eyes that hurt the mistrust of the opposite sex he new that look well because he carried it for so long after he ended it with Sharon. So he understood how she felt so he wishes her a goodnight and went about his way.
A month had past and Emmanuel couldn't stop thinking about Jasmine and Jasmine couldn't stop thinking about Emmanuel but a chance meeting had them spending the day together and enjoying each others company realizing they had a lot in common and were very attracted to each other. Jasmine had to admit she had a wonderful time but she couldn't see him again her plate was full she was about to start school in the fall and she had a secret a secret that had to stay hidden or her future could be at risk. No she can't risk it not even for a chance at love.
Emmanuel knew Jasmine was hiding something he didn't care what it was he just wanted her to be his he's never felt like this before he had to get her to let her guard down, had to get her to trust him she made his heart skip a beat ,made his body betray him she had to be his. Emmanuel wanting Jasmine so much he doesn’t even realized there’s someone coming from his past and this person has some unfinished business with him.
Can Emmanuel get Jasmine to let her guard down, to trust in him, to give them a try or will secrets, lies and past lovers interfere before they get started or could this turn out to be a love TO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kill the Messenger Gemini By Johanna Nimely

In Kill the Messenger: Gemini, Gemini is a Heavenly Being and her role on Earth is as a link between Ra and the primitive humans of Earth. She is the messenger and a reminder of the eventual return of Ra. Ra is a being that humans once called the Sun God. The Heavenly Beings have one mission left and that is to save a remnant of humanity. Gemini and Lucifer are the offspring of Ra; however, she is half Nubian and he is half Arian. They have two different destinies in store for the humans of Earth. Gemini wants to save humanity while Lucifer only wants to enslave them to build machines, weapons, and space ships to take him and his kind to other worlds where they can create other slave worlds like Earth. Lucifer is an immortal trapped on Earth changing bodies and lives throughout time.
Kill the Messenger: Gemini takes the reader from the building of the Sphinx to modern times. Gemini knows that it matters what humans believe in the end. Ra went back in time to tilt the Earth in the position it is in today so it would be habitable for the humans he would put there, but the Earth’s axis cannot be controlled forever. While Ra is away fighting off the plague of the Arians in outer space, Gemini is sending out a message to humans who are willing to take ‘the mark’ to be saved from the coming cataclysm and the end of humanity. Humans must make a choice based whether or not they believe the mark is the one written about in the Bible. The Heavenly Beings tried and failed to prevent the total annihilation of humans and the Earth. They are not coming to stop the destruction; they are coming to save a few. The Mayans left behind a message with a clue to the end time. That is the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.