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My Son's Wife By Shelia E. Lipsey

Novelist, Shelia E. Lipsey,is a native Memphian. She attended Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi, graduating magna cum laude with a BBA degree. Lipsey, a published author, professional copyeditor and inspirational speaker has been actively writing and speaking most of her life. Lipsey has written several short stories and over 200 poems which she has plans of publishing in the near future. Her novels with Urban Books are entitled, Into Each Life (Jan. ’07), Sinsatiable (Aug.’07). Lipsey’s third novel, My Son’s Wife will be released October 1, 2008.

Among Lipsey’s list of literary accomplishments and affiliations, she was awarded Conversations Book Club 2008 Author of the Year (, Dallas Morning News Bestselling Author ’07, Urban Knowledge Memphis Bestselling Author ‘07; Founding president Memphis African American Writers Group (MAAW), president Urban Christian's UC His Glory Book Club ( Founder of 1st Annual Living Your Dreams Literary Arts Seminar (; founder of The Word According to Shelia Newsletter; Publishing & Marketing Director Victorious Voice Magazine ( online member of Black Writers Christian Network (, Booknibbler_Christian, Black, Copy Editor (

Lipsey is also acontributing blogger for Sankofa Literary Society(, guest columnist at, as well as several other online literary groups.

A Dead Rose By Rhonda M Lawson

Rhonda M. Lawson is the author of A Dead Rose. She is also an Army journalist, garnering various journalism awards, including the 1997 Training and Doctrine Command Journalist of the Year. She is currently a sergeant first class stationed at Camp Red Cloud, Korea, where she works in Army Public Affairs.

A New Orleans, La. native, Rhonda's journalism career began at Loyola University in New Orleans, where she served a short stint on the campus newspaper. In 1994, when she left college and joined the Army, she continued her journalism career. Her first duty station was Fort Knox, Ky., where she edited all sections of Inside the Turret, the post newspaper. During this tour, she earned third place awards for both commentary and feature writing.

In 1997, she moved to Fort Story, Va., where she served as Fort Story Bureau Chief for the Fort Eustis Wheel newspaper. During this time, she was awarded Journalist of the Year and Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter. She also began to pursue her first love, fiction and started working on her first full-length novel, Cheatin' in the Next Room.

Rhonda's career as a Soldier-journalist has taken her to various parts of the world, including Japan, Hawaii, Korea, Afghanistan and Egypt. Her work has appeared in various Army and civilian publications all over the country, including Soldiers Magazine, The Seattle Times, and The Army Times.

Rhonda is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Pi Eta Zeta chapter. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Maryland and University College, and is currently working on her Master's in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. She is is also a member of the Divine Literary Tour, an organization made up of African American Greek-letter authors.

She has also contributed to five different anthologies, including Second Chances, Crimes of Passion, Gumbo for the Soul, The Heart of Our Community, and Surfacing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Everyday Life By MG Hardie

EveryDay Life has earned praised for being “Ground-Breaking”, “An Urban Hip-Hop Masterpiece”, and “Realistic”. Hardie has created unique African-American characters and voices that are honest, passionate, and intelligent. Hardie, through EveryDay Life, manages to drop perhaps the most potent verse in Hip-Hop and what is one of the most provocative books of the millennium.
EveryDay Life begins with a raw urban setting and four African-American men, but then it “Cuts” and “Scratches” its way through the oversexed, verbally charged, and very humorous lives of the disenfranchised. These characters openly discuss matters from slavery to foreign policy. EveryDay Life is a contemporary book which does not shy away from stereotypes, it embraces them. The story plays out entirely on the West Coast, but the subject matter in EveryDay Life is universal. Tucked nicely inside the pages of EveryDay Life’s unimposed narrative is the history of the most important cultural movement of our time... Hip-Hop.
“My goal was to craft a book that was music to your eyes and at the same time be thought provoking and entertaining. EveryDay Life is vastly different and that is one of the best things about it.”, says Hardie. EveryDay Life keeps you laughing while providing enough social commentary to last a decade. EveryDay Life effectively adds Literature as a fifth element to Hip-Hop and does it with a mean B-Boy stance. A recent review has gone so far as to say that “...EveryDay Life has taken literature into unchartered territories.” You can also get to know MG Hardie when he is interviewed by Tamika Newhouse of AAMBC on BlogTalk Radio during the month of November. African-Americans on the Move Book Club is a movement focused on supporting African American Literature. Currently Ghost Writer Literary Reviews! has EveryDay Life has the highest rated African-American book of 2008.
MG Hardie has been interviewed by award winning talk show host George Cook of LTH Weekly, by Joey Reviews.
MG Hardie’s video interviews are available on to schedule an interview. Official Site

Girls Night In :The Passion Party By Raquel Elridge


Raquel lives in Houston, Texas where she is the owner and CEO of her own publishing company, Prose Pros Publishing Company ( under which she’s released her own novel, Mixed Emotions, as well as two titles Where Friendship Lies and A Lover's Deceit, that are part of a three-part collaborative series with Shawnte' Henderson of Toledo, OH. Upcoming releases include a collection of erotic short stories titled Girls Night In: The Passion Party and the follow-up to her first solo release, Tainted Relations.
Raquel has been interviewed in several Houston-area publications such as The Houston Forward Times, Rolling Out magazine, and Houston Style magazine and has held numerous book-signings in both Houston and Austin at spots that include African Imports, The Breakfast Klub, Music Depot, Mitchie’s Gallery and Classy Styles and Cuts. She was featured in an interview on the Ladies Night Out segment with Stevie “Good Time” T. on KCOH, 1430 AM. Raquel was selected as one of the 2005 Members of the Week spotlight recipients with the National Association of Women Writers. Both of Raquel’s books have been chosen by book clubs as monthly selections with both the Urban Divas Book Club, the Sistah’s Sharing Books Book Club in Houston and the SistaGirl Book Club in Virginia.
Raquel has been a contributing writer and Associate Editor for the Christian-based publication, Gospel Xpress Magazine ( She is affiliated with The ReMain Company, which publishes the comedy magazine, U B Trippin’, (, and also produces television programs and advertising spots. She has written for and acted with the comedy stage/skit troupe, Comedy Salad. She's currently in talks to begin working with The Remain Company on their newest endeavor, Dateless in Houston, a singles networking and matchmaking service that will pair people of purpose with other people of purpose.
Additionally, she has written a weekly romance column for a popular Houston-based networking website,, (, under the name Quelly titled Love Thang.
She is a member of the National Association of Women Writers (NAWW), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Young Adult Committee (NAACP/NAACP YAC) and the Progressive Women’s Network of Houston (PWNH). She is also a partner and board member of women's empowerment and networking company called HELPSister Connect ( Later, she hopes to add to their roster a sub-sector of the organization to help young, female entrepreneurs, called "HELP Little Sister Connect".
For more information, you can visit her website at She can be reached via email at You can also send correspondence by mail to Prose Pros Publishing Company, P.O. Box 572444, Houston, Texas 77257-2444.


A group of women come together for a Passion Party being thrown by Deirdre Gray, a stay-at-home
mother of two, who earns part-time income by throwing parties in her basement-slash-sex toy

Deirdre’s Passion Parties consist of more than just food, spirits, and erotic paraphernalia…there
are also party games, plenty of gossip, and secret sexual confessions. Deirdre’s parties get so
scintillating and scandalous, guests have to sign confidentiality waivers in order to attend! It’s just
that important that the things shared in confidence at these Passion Parties stay at the Passion

Delve into the erotic decadence that can be found when you mix the sexually experimental with the
tantalizing toys for sale at one of Deirdre’s famously infamous Passion Parties

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shh.. Don't Tell By Michelle Moorer


Shh…don't tell-these words, spoken by her father, mark the beginning of a cycle of abuse that darkens the author's childhood and teen years.
The men in Michelle's life were supposed to love, guide and protect her. Instead, her father, Jacob, a heroin user and alcoholic, begins molesting her when she is just a small child. Once he has gone, her mother's alcoholic and verbally abusive boyfriend, Brent, finds out about Jacob's mistreatment of Michelle and begins abusing her as well.
To add to the hurt, family members ridicule and demoralize Michelle and her siblings as they grow up-punishing them because of their mother's past. Most devastating of all is betrayal by the one person whose love should have been unconditional: Michelle's mother knows that both her husband and boyfriend have abused her daughter, yet she ignores the situation.
The abuses go on for years, making Michelle feel embarrassed and ashamed of herself, as if it were her fault. She loses her self-esteem, becomes depressed, and even has thoughts of suicide. Like many girls who have suffered from abuse, she also has sex at a young age.
While Michelle struggles to overcome adversity and to rebuild her self-esteem, one of her biggest fears comes true. Just as her family had taunted her, she now finds herself in the same situation her mother once faced: She is pregnant at sixteen, and still in high school. The child's father, who is Michelle's first love, walks away.
Will she be able to raise her baby without the support of the father? Will she manage to graduate high school? Or will she become the failure her family has predicted? These are the questions that remain at the end of this, the first of four memoirs. But Michelle has already started to find the inner strength she will need to turn her life around, and her message to readers is clear: Always believe in yourself! Never give up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ace of Hearts By. Jean Holloway

Her oldest memories are of reading. She was always in a book, letting it take her places only she imagined. Sometimes she felt more at home in the author’s world than in her own. Stephen King and Dean Koontz are her ultimate tour guides and honorable mentions go to Jean Auel and Agatha Christie.
The daughter of an entrepreneur, Jean saw the only limitations you have are the ones you put on yourself. In the early 60’s, her father owned his own cab in NY, which was unusual for a Black man born in 1918 armed with only a high school education. When he saved up enough money, while raising a family of 7, he bought a beer and soda distributorship right outside JFK airport. He and her mother ran the store. Her younger sister, Lori and she ran the little sandwich truck they used to push in front of the store each morning. In fact, that’s where she met her soul mate and husband of 36 years.
Her father’s entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to try for goals normally out of her reach, like standup comedy and becoming an author, an idea some discouraged since she never graduated college.
“Ace of Hearts” started 27 years ago in answer to a bet. Her sister said, “You read so much, I bet you could write a book” and she answered, “I bet I could.” After many transitions, from sitting in a park writing it in longhand in 1980 to typewriter to word processor to computer in 2003, Jean learned the new technology and now thinks of her computer as her toy.
Five years ago, Jean had foot surgery and her sister suggested she get “Ace of Hearts” down, dust it off, do some editing and see if it would fly. She pushed Jean to print several copies of her manuscript and paid for her attendance at NBCC (National Book Club Convention) held in Atlanta annually, the first weekend in August. She handed her manuscripts out in a room full of Zane fans and soon book clubs were talking! She met her good friend and soon-to–be publisher, Diane DorcĂ©, owner and CEO of Firefly Publishing and Entertainment that weekend. Three months later, Jean signed a contract, went through the editing process one more time and “Ace of Hearts” was born!

The moral of Jean’s story: Never give up your dream.
Jean Holloway lives in Kennesaw, GA with her husband, Fred and her dog, Kayla. Her six grown children and eight grandkids all live nearby.

Visit her at

Shevaughn Robinson is investigating an especially gruesome case which emerges into serial murders. The story evolves as she follows murder after murder trying to solve the case, not realizing the murderer is a man who not only becomes obsessed with death, but obsessed with her.Photobucket

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Chantes Song By Donniel D. Jackson

I wrote my first story during girl scouts. I have no idea how old I was, yet it was then I realized my niche for writing. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a writer.I went from writing stores by myself to years later finding a friend who shared my passion for writing. We wrote about anything and everyone, later exchanging stories to read. Reading those stories now brings laughter. The thought process of a twelve year old girl is really interesting.Writing became my best friend after relocating from New Jersey to Florida. I didn't have any friends to write with or neighborhood boys to write about but Bobby Brown (King of R&B), Omar Epps, R.Kelly, Michael Jordon, Nas and slew of other celebrities gave me something to fanaticize and write about. Writing allows me to escape the days' stresses, fanaticize and just be, all with a pen and pad, in later years a computer. One day while escaping, I began writing Chante's Song. The rest is history!

Chante Chambers is a self-proclaimed princess. She has it all: looks, a body women would pay for, a great career, all the material items a girl could want plus some…all of this maintained by her ex, Jason. Whatever mama wants, Jason makes sure mama gets. The one task he failed at was being faithful. With a toss of a Gucci pump Jason was history. Or so she thought.
In a pursuit for love, happiness, and monogamy sometimes mistaken for sex, Chante encounters an array of men, whom if you took the best traits from them all and combined them, it still didn’t create the perfect man. Just as Chante was ready to admit defeat in her quest for love, settle for a battery-operated appliance, and give in to the bottle of brown juice in walks a caramel Adonis.
Chante's new found love has the potential of being a lifelong love affair. Yet a lunch hour spent in between the sheets with a certain ex complicates things, as thoughts of starting their love anew begin running through her mind. What's a girl to do when she's torn between two lovers? Does she grab her panties off the floor and vow to never drop them again? Or does she go back for seconds?

Married to a Married Man By Nathanial Portis

Nathanial Portis lives in Arizona where he aids in community development by acting as a volunteer mentor for various community events.
In addition to his passion for writing Nathanial Portis is also a Systems Engineer and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Nathanial Portis splits his time between work, and his passion, writing.
Receiving great reviews, Nathanial Portis feature novel, Things In Between, was released in February of 2005 and was re-released in January of 2008 and received great reviews including a Classic 5 of 5 ratings from Urban Reviewers. His much awaited, second novel, Married to a Married Man was released April 2007 and has also received rave reviews and was A-listed by multiple review groups such as RawSistaz review.
Nathanial Portis is quickly becoming the talk of the literary industry and has been featured and interviewed on some of the hottest on line reading groups and radio shows including: Black men in America, Romance Readers, Romance at heart, Rawsistaz Reviewers, SORMG, AALBC; just to name a few.
Both of Nathanial Portis novel’s can be purchased in your local bookstore or online at, or where ever books are sold.
Don’t miss out on this HOT young emerging Author
Visit for upcoming book signings.
CONTACT Nathanial Portis
To schedule speaking engagements or book signings with Nathanial Portis contact:
Quick Quest Publications LLC
P.O. Box 22926 Alexanderia VA,22304
Ph: (978)726-5713 Fax: (800)682-6576


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Beautiful By. Kiexiza Rodriquez

Tierra Rodriquez is a talented and successful business woman, who managed to make her dreams come true, in spite of running from a painful past. When in walks handsome, smooth talking, client Malcolm Turner set on sweeping her off her feet. While reconnecting with her best friend, Aquarian, life gets a little out of hand. Aquarian is hit by a dunk driver and lay in a coma and Malcolm isn't happy about all time she's spending at his side. When secrets are revealed, unexplained emotions begin to stir within her and leave her confused and out of control for the first time in her life.Will the hours she's been racking up on the therapist sofa, rid her of her memories or will her past continue to be the blinders that keeps her in the dark? Will she find the strength she needs to see herself in a new light in the face of her demons? Will she ever let GOD off the hook for her pain or will She remain in bondage at the cost of all she truly has to gain?

Kiexiza Rodriquez-Green CEO Family Gifts & Creations Black Tiger Music & Promotions Springfield, Massachusetts A member of the AAMBC Street Team check her out this month on www. aambookclub. net Purchase book at www. lulu. com/mistiger Visit her at www. myspace. com/mistiger__

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Consequences: When Love is Blind By Linda R Herman

Life for Sade Peters is picture perfect. With a fabulous home in upscale Atlanta, Georgia, Sade is living the life most of society only read about in magazines. A successful novelist, Sade is married to the man of her dreams, Andre Peters, an equally successful sports agent. Couple that with a set of fraternal twins, and you have all the makings of the contemporary modern day Huxtables. However, what life looks like from the outside, may not necessarily match the inner workings of this household. The Down Low is a real and earth-shattering truth, and Sade's happiness abruptly ends when she is faced with this reality. Life as Sade knows it changes within the blink of an eye when she soon discovers that both she and her husband are HIV positive. Imagine walking through life in Sade's shoes. Who is to blame when faith and trust is tested tremendously?

A native of South Georgia, Linda R. Herman is a passionate author who strives to deliver reality into her works of fiction. She has been married for nearly ten years and together, she and her husband are raising two teens and a two year old. Linda also holds down a full time job as an emergency 911 dispatcher. She has been employed by Crisp County 911 for almost 14 years.
To learn more about Linda, visit her website, and her publisher's website at

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Keeping Misery Company By Michelle Larks

Keeping Misery Company is an inspirational tale about Ruth Wilcox, the only daughter of prominent Chicago minister, Reverend Isaiah Clayton and his feisty wife, Queen Esther. Ruth has her hands full trying to cope with mounting marital problems and the onslaught of physical changes her body is going through. Lately, Ruth and her husband, Daniel, have drifted apart like two ships passing in the night; with zero visibility between them. The two don’t even share the same bedroom anymore. Daniel hasn’t been happy in the marriage for some time and seeks solace in the arms of his young mistress, Lenora. He oversleeps after a tryst between the sheets with Lenora, and when he arrives home, all hell breaks loose.
Keeping Misery Company is a poignant tale about a religious family in spiritual crisis. Secrets, lies, betrayal, and forgiveness are at the forefront of this story. It culminates with a triumphing of the spirit and soul

Author, Michelle Larks
Michelle was born in the Windy City, Chicago and currently reside in a suburb of Chicago. She is the mother of two adult daughters. She is also employed as a Systems Programmer.

Contact Michelle at

Other Novels include:
The Legacies
Myriad of Emotions
Crisis Mode
Mirrored Images
Who's Your Daddy?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Books of the Months Archives: You, Me, and He By. Brooke Green

You, Me, and He By. Brooke Green

You’ve heard the stories of women throwing in the towel after learning their men are ‘on the down low’. You, Me, and He takes a look at what happens when the women choose to stay while dealing with issues of trust, honesty, disease, and the betrayal of those closest to them.
Donna believes she has found her ideal man in Keith Reed. He’s smart, handsome and, most importantly, financially stable. But, there is one catch, he’s bisexual. Donna decides to stand by her man after making him promise to be faithful to her and only her. Fearful of starting a new relationship in the age of the ‘down low’ man, Donna feels it is the smart thing to do. In her eyes, there is no guessing about Keith’s sexuality, she knows exactly who and what he is.
Keith Reed is the kind of man most women dream of marrying. And, he has found the perfect woman in Donna who is willing to stay with him despite his sexuality. Keith’s world is shaken when his past is set to be exposed to the world. To top it off, he must contend with Jarrod, his former college roommate, who is relentless in attaining his goal of having Keith to himself.
Jarrod is a successful lawyer, who, in spite of being married with a baby on the way, is consumed with pursuing Keith. Jarrod’s fixation with Keith leads to his hatred of the one person he believes is standing in the way of his relationship with Keith, Donna. Tired of being rejected and after learning Keith betrayed him, Jarrod’s infatuation turns into a campaign to expose Keith’s closeted life.


Although she has always toyed with the idea of writing a novel, Brooke Green’s first novel You, Me and He began after a discussion with a few co-workers. She posed the question, “What if a woman found her man in a compromising position with another man but, stays with him anyway?”. After hearing so many relationship stories of women deciding to ‘run for the hills’ after discovering the man in their lives were ‘on the down-low’, Brooke wondered about the women who’ve decided to stay.
“I know there are just as many women who stay in these relationships but, they don’t’ speak out about it,” she says. “Whether it be for love, just the comfort in knowing they have a man, financial reasons or maybe they just don’t care. A lot of women do stay and, I want to explore the trials and tribulations in these relationships.”

You, Me and He delves into the lives of two couples as they deal with the consequences of living a lie.Brooke Green is a Manager at a large telecommunications company and the founder of Full Circle Publishing. She currently resides in Philadelphia with her two daughters, and is hard at work on her next two novels, one of which is the sequel to You, Me and He. Brooke would love to get your feedback at or or

Brooke is now available for radio, print and television interviews. If you are interested in scheduling an interview, speaking engagement or book signing with Brooke and/or would like to receive a review copy of You Me And He ,please contact Full Circle Publishing at 484-486-3534 or

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Eyes on the Pryze By Felisha Bradshaw

Chase Pryze and his identical twin brother, Caine, are taken from their drug-addicted parents, and separated at birth. Each twin suffers through a harsh childhood, and believes the other twin leads a charmed life. The streets make the twins hard and hungry for the grind. While Caine rises to power in New York City's drug world, Chase reigns in the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut. At the age of twenty-two, the twins meet face-to-face as rival drug lords; each seeking to destroy the other. Chase will not go down without a fight, neither will Caine. Through taut narrative and dialog, Eyes on the Pryze explores the lies, greed, and deceit living in the twins' camps, which threaten to cause each brother to lose everything; including his life at the hands of his twin.

Felisha Bradshaw Author of Eyes on the Pryze, her first debut, novel is currently a resident of Bridgeport, Ct. When diagnosed with narcolepsy in 1992, and dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, Bradshaw's parent's thought she was heading down a path of self destruction. But, Bradshaw's love for reading and writing kept her focused on life. Years later, Bradshaw earned her G.E.D then enrolled in Housatonic Community College. In May 2007, at the age of 37, she graduated with an Assoc. Degree in Science and a 3.0, despite falling asleep in a third of her classes. Bradshaw is active in various youth outreach programs in her native Bridgeport, CT, and an advocate for the youth.

Visit Felisha @

The Hunger, By Norman Colson

Kenyon James Marshall works hard for everything he ever wanted and after he is faced with the betrayal of his girlfriend Missy he has to start over. Going on aimlessly he meets an intoxicating older woman which changes his life forever. Evelyn Cabrera has been loyal to her husband. Even after his constant disrespect & cheating she always took him back. Kenyon's words & friendship changes her outlook on life & after her husband's last blatant indiscretion she learns to let him go. As time passes Kenyon and Evelyn embark on a torrid, passionate & lust filled sexual affair. But as they reach deep within their selves each seeking what will bring them peace. Outside forces and circumstances slowly tear them apart. Will they let society, friends and family come between them? Can they conquer their fears & love again before it's too late.

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