Friday, July 18, 2008

Consequences: When Love is Blind By Linda R Herman

Life for Sade Peters is picture perfect. With a fabulous home in upscale Atlanta, Georgia, Sade is living the life most of society only read about in magazines. A successful novelist, Sade is married to the man of her dreams, Andre Peters, an equally successful sports agent. Couple that with a set of fraternal twins, and you have all the makings of the contemporary modern day Huxtables. However, what life looks like from the outside, may not necessarily match the inner workings of this household. The Down Low is a real and earth-shattering truth, and Sade's happiness abruptly ends when she is faced with this reality. Life as Sade knows it changes within the blink of an eye when she soon discovers that both she and her husband are HIV positive. Imagine walking through life in Sade's shoes. Who is to blame when faith and trust is tested tremendously?

A native of South Georgia, Linda R. Herman is a passionate author who strives to deliver reality into her works of fiction. She has been married for nearly ten years and together, she and her husband are raising two teens and a two year old. Linda also holds down a full time job as an emergency 911 dispatcher. She has been employed by Crisp County 911 for almost 14 years.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Keeping Misery Company By Michelle Larks

Keeping Misery Company is an inspirational tale about Ruth Wilcox, the only daughter of prominent Chicago minister, Reverend Isaiah Clayton and his feisty wife, Queen Esther. Ruth has her hands full trying to cope with mounting marital problems and the onslaught of physical changes her body is going through. Lately, Ruth and her husband, Daniel, have drifted apart like two ships passing in the night; with zero visibility between them. The two don’t even share the same bedroom anymore. Daniel hasn’t been happy in the marriage for some time and seeks solace in the arms of his young mistress, Lenora. He oversleeps after a tryst between the sheets with Lenora, and when he arrives home, all hell breaks loose.
Keeping Misery Company is a poignant tale about a religious family in spiritual crisis. Secrets, lies, betrayal, and forgiveness are at the forefront of this story. It culminates with a triumphing of the spirit and soul

Author, Michelle Larks
Michelle was born in the Windy City, Chicago and currently reside in a suburb of Chicago. She is the mother of two adult daughters. She is also employed as a Systems Programmer.

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