Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beautiful By. Kiexiza Rodriquez

Tierra Rodriquez is a talented and successful business woman, who managed to make her dreams come true, in spite of running from a painful past. When in walks handsome, smooth talking, client Malcolm Turner set on sweeping her off her feet. While reconnecting with her best friend, Aquarian, life gets a little out of hand. Aquarian is hit by a dunk driver and lay in a coma and Malcolm isn't happy about all time she's spending at his side. When secrets are revealed, unexplained emotions begin to stir within her and leave her confused and out of control for the first time in her life.Will the hours she's been racking up on the therapist sofa, rid her of her memories or will her past continue to be the blinders that keeps her in the dark? Will she find the strength she needs to see herself in a new light in the face of her demons? Will she ever let GOD off the hook for her pain or will She remain in bondage at the cost of all she truly has to gain?

Kiexiza Rodriquez-Green CEO Family Gifts & Creations Black Tiger Music & Promotions Springfield, Massachusetts A member of the AAMBC Street Team check her out this month on www. aambookclub. net Purchase book at www. lulu. com/mistiger Visit her at www. myspace. com/mistiger__