Monday, July 5, 2010

Through Her Eyes

Through Her Eyes is a novel about a young girl named Melanie who has seen numerous trials and tribulations. Her early life was filled with turmoil. She was ridiculed for her dark complexion, dealt with constant drama from her family, and experienced the death of a young one at the tender age of ten that left her tramatized. Her young adult life was fillled with one-sided relationships, leaving her exposed to abuse, heartache, and dissapointment. Needless to say, Melanie's guard was up toward the world especially men and relationships. What happends when Melanie thinks she's found the one man she have kids and settle down with? Will her heart be broken again or will true love prevail? Come cry, laugh, and cheer Melanie as she shows you her life Through Her Eyes.

4 Play Never Say Never

Get ready to go on the ride of your life with Felix and his 4 women of choice. Nikki, Rhonda, Meka, and Toya each have a thing for Felix that they cannot describe. It's not only because he is the youngest and most sought after attorney in Washington, DC or the fact that he is handling a high profile multi-million dollar divorce case, but that he serves them real well! Felix makes it happen with each woman like they are each his woman, and that's just what they expect from him...A monogamous relationship which is what they each think they are getting.
What will happen when jealousy, lies, deceit, millions of dollars, paternity, and feelings become at risk? Is 4play enough to make Felix fall in love? Do you think Felix will keep getting over or will the women get even? Ride the roller coaster as he vows to never fall in love but is enjoying the "loving" from 4 women from 4 different walks of life. You will definitely be able to relate to one of these women if not all! Laugh, cry, and enjoy Felix's lavish lifestyle of 4play!!!!